The Betelgeuse

Class/Type: Hyperion (Intelligence/DeepStrike NovaStar)
Length: 15,280 Meters
Beam: 5,030 Meters
Draft: 1,050 Meters
Cargo Capasity: 4,200,250 Metric Tons
Ships Manufacturer: Cylon/Human hybrid
Crew Manifest
Crew Compliment: 2,050 (Imperial Standard)

10,220 (Maximum)

Skeleton Crew: 490 (With full Cylon Bio-Automation)
Passenger Capasity: 940
Commanding Officer (Captain): Michael Atredies
Ships Systems
Main Navigation System: Temporal Astrogation & Metrics

Mental Interface

Avionics/Helm Systems: Mental Pyramid Interface linked CORA System
Main Sensor Systems: DRADIS Interlinked Radiological Sensors

Trans-Dimensional Array

Targeting Systems: Mental Interface Zero-Point Targeting Interface

Homing Laser Indicators

Misc. Systems: EPR Energy/Matter Bridge Temporal Cloaking Device
  • 2,000 HyperJump Transport Units (Human & Cargo)
  • Quantum (Temporal) and Multi Dimensional (Magnetic Void) Communications Array
  • Cylon based FTL Communications Array
  • Cavorite powered Anti-Gravity Landing Field (Ship Wide)
Drive Systems
Power Systems: (Central Power)

4 Interconnected Solenium Crystal Spheres

  • 140,000 Solium (Liquid Solenium) Energy Cells
  • 480,000 Tylium Reserve Energy Pods
  • 4,000 interconnected P-Rod Powered Energizer Arrays
  • 530,000 Rapid Particle energy Lazer Generators (Weapons power only)
  • 15 Internal Tachyon Pulse engine energy generators (for sub-light engine power only)
  • 400,000 Petro Gas Generators (Emergency Power)
Sub-Light Engines: BQQ-17 Cylon Drive
Main FTL Engines: 1 Sub-Quantum (Temporal) Multi-Warp Jump Core

1 Magnetic Void Generator Drive
1 Cylon Hybrid HyperJump FTL Core (Combat Jump Capable)

Max Atmospheric Speed: 81 Hectons per Second (Mach 2025)
Maximum FTL Acceleration/Range: Magnetic Void Range of 10 Uni-Parcecs
Maximum Hyperspeed/Jump Range: 44,000 Parsecs per Second
Maximum Quantum (Temporal) Jump Range: 15 Uni-Parcecs
Offensive Systems
Torpedo Systems: 4,000 Particle Lazer Torpedo Generators (Valkyrie, Ragnar, and Kali Classes) (Multiple Targeting)
Missle Systems: 1,020 Fusion Missile Tubes (Hull Wide)
  • 1,020 Nuclear Missle Tubes
  • 2,000 Hydrogen Mass Warhead Tubes
  • 850 Solenium Mass Warhead Tubes (Medium Blast Range)
  • 680 Metron Warhead Launchers
Particle Beam Weapons: 640 TurboLaser Gatling Cannons

5,000 Particle Lazer Cannons (Hellfire & Inferno Classes)

Primary Heavy Weapons systems: 6 Focused Graviton Shot Heavy Beam Cannons (4 Foward, 2 Aft)
Defensive Systems
Hull Composition: Layered Molecular Armor Techno-Organic Internal Hull
Countermeasures: Electronic Countermeasure Particle Generator (ECM) grid (hull wide)
  • 400 Heavy Electromagnetic Pulse Cannons (Foward & Aft)
  • 1 Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Generator
  • 10,000 Swallow Energy Decoy drone Generators
Special Defense Systems: Polarized Exotic-Particle Energy Fields
Political & Chronological Information
Era(s): New Unification Era (c.2040')
Affiliation/Alligences: United Empire of The 13 Colonies
Enemies: 3rd Cylon Empire

Novastar Hyperion Heavy Raptor

Betelgeuse-2173 (Imperial Registry: IWS-9702001-0010) is the central defense NovaStar for the Athena Defense Fleet within the Cyrnus Galaxy as a vital offensive/defensive commodity for the Colonial Heritage Project. Its main purpose is to act as the fleets last resort heavy weapons platform and final stage heavy fighter reenforcement.

Ship Specifications Edit

Fighter Launch Systems Edit

11,050 Fighter Launch Tubes
8 Launch Pylons (Central Launch Platforms)

Ship Areas/Deck Overview Edit

The following sections detail all of Betelgeuse central areas (Standard & Special)

Quarters/Crew Living Units

  • Admiralty/Ambassadorial Wing (Presidential Annex & Conference Rooms)
  • Command Quarters (Senior Officer Quarters/Ready Room)
  • Bachelors Quarters (Unmarried/Single Officers Quarters)

Ships History Edit

While almost the entirety of the Imperial WarStar fleet originally consisted of Neo-Class Voyager Battlestars which focused mainly on supporting their fighters with minimal ship to ship combat, The NovaStar was 1 of the 1st WarStars designed to fill this power gap by eliminating enemy carriers at extreme long range.
Thus it carries a large amount of heavy weapons and generators required for this use.
Of the few NovaStars produced due to resource constraints, the Intelligence/Strike class sacrifices a large portion of ships sections at least 1/2 of their Fighters and 1/3 of weapons in order to increase their space for Admiralty and Command/Control/Communication/Intelligence Systems.
Nevertheless a NovaStar is no Lightweight when it comes to small craft as it carries its own 8 Wings of specialized and multipurpose Fighters and Raiders.
The Betelgeuse was notorious among NovaStars for maintaining an fully operating Internal Cylon Resurrection Hub deep within the Combat Trooper cloning bank of the ships Sickbay.

Ship Crew Edit

Command Crew Edit

R0Y Edit

Roy is the evolution of the cybernetic being.
Decades ago, a man named Roy was diagnosed with a muscle-degrading disease
After over 8 million failures; Roy built a fully operating brain-computer interface tailored to his neurochemistry. While his body died soon thereafter, Roy encased his brain somewhere safe where it remotely controls a series of different cyborg bodies. Roy can control any or all of these bodies simultaneously and has been known to change a body's configuration after defeating a new enemy.

Combat Crew Edit

10,020 Human Imperial Officers

Flight Crew Edit

400.000 Cylon Bio-mechanical Pilots

Fighter & Heavy Mech Compliment Edit