The Colonial Line space liner Olympica was the lead ship of what was to be a three ship class. Olympica, along with sister ships Homeric and Berengaria, would allow the Colonial Line to keep its place as the premier line for those wanting a cruise that would take them to twelve worlds and other areas of Colonial space.

Olympica, the lead ship of it class.

The Olympica is the size of three Cloud-9 type vessels put together, with a bio dome for each of the three classes of cabins onboard. The ship also boasts a vast array of restaurants,shops, theaters, and many other varieties of entertainment.

Shipboard security is run by a group of security officers comprised of former law enforcement and military officials. This group, known as 'Olympica Security', is headed by Karin Briggs.

The Olympica survived the Fall of the Colonies and was discovered by the Battlestar Victorious. It has since taken on the role of an open port in the fleet as well as becoming the de facto capital of the civilian government. Due to this the elected officials are said to be part of the 'Republic of Olympica'.


Image created by CanisD.

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