In Dimension Eight, Operation Downfall is Admiral Arthur Wallace's planned attack against the Twelve Colonies of Kobol. However it would never be launch because of Operation Homecoming the Cylon attack against the Twelve Colonies of Kobol would be launch six hours before Operation Downfall was to started.

Plan of AttackEdit

1) Eliminate all Colonial Military Units outside of the Twelve Colonies.

2) Battlestar Spartan is to jump into the atmosphere of Picon, and destroyed the city of Kios, along with Picon Fleet Headquarters with a low yield nukes warhead.

3) Battlestar Leonidas is to jump into the atmosphere of Caprica; destroyed Caprica City and those would eliminate the civilian government with a low yield nukes warhead.

4) Battlestar Thermopylae is to jumps into the atmosphere of Tauron; destroyed Hypatia and those would eliminate the Colonial Army Headquarters with a low yield nukes warhead.

5) Agents will eliminate selection target of the civilian government, military leadership not already death in the bombardment of Caprica City, Hypatia, and Kios; include Secretary of Education Laura Roslin and Rear Admiral Scott Tolan.

6) Eliminate any survived member of the civilian government, or military leaderships. Note: All members of the Admiralty, Civilian government, and High Command should be limited by this point.

7) Often a surrender to remain Colonial Military Units and individual Colony civilian governments. Note: Continue to step eight only if this remain Military/Civilian government refuse to surrender.

8) Engage remain Colonial Fleet, disable them only, should be in a state of confusion with the destruction of Picon Fleet Headquarters, and if none of the Admiralty survived.

9) If Colony civilian governments still refuse to surrender orders loyal Colonial Army Unit to attack Colony’s Captail City and arrested anyone demand refuse to obey.

10) At this time if no complete surrender has occur, result will be the start of the Colonial Civil War.

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