Operation Homecoming in Dimension Eight is the Cylon planned attack against the Twelve Colonies of Kobol. The attack would be launch at 6 am on what would become known as Zero Hour, with the day been label Day Zero and so started the Second Cylon War (D8).

Plan of AttackEdit

1) Eliminate all Colonial Military Units outside of the Twelve Colonies.

2) Jump to Picon, destroyed the main Colonial Fleet along with Picon Fleet Headquarters.

3) Jump to Caprica, and Tauron and destroyed Caprica City and Hypatia, and so would eliminated the civilian government and Colonial Army Headquarters.

4) Allow the Colonial Fleet to regroup and then engaged them. According to Colonial Defense Plan C, regroup will mostly occur over Virgon.

5) Engaged and remain Colonial Fleet's Unit that has not been shut down by the CNP and destroyed; or was not destroyed during the Colonial Fleet's regroup.

6) Start nukes bombardment of this remain Twelve Colonies.

7) Eliminate any survived Military Units

8) Eliminate any survived Civilian either on planetary level or in space.

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