Overhauler Class Carrier is a Cylon warship that serviced during the Cylon War.

Overhauler Class Carrier

Overhauler Class Carrier


The Overhaulder Class Carrier is design to operate far from Cylon territory or Basestar. It was design to jump out at a target and deploy it raider and either rendezvous with it raiders or jump back to the target and recovered it raiders. Because of this the Overhaulder is designed with seven anti-fighter turrets and two anti-fighter missile launcher. Also it equipped with a massve FTL drive that can handed muiltiple jumps in quickly sucess.

The Overhaulder came into serviced early in the war to overcome the lack of Basestar, along with the Styx Class Escort Battlestar and serviced till the end of the conflict.

After the war ending, all of the craft expect for those with Cyrus was scrapped and materila used to construction new basestar.


While the Cylon name their classes, they number each ships

CA-127 (Overhauler Class)

CA-127: Overhauler Class Carrier

Overhaulder - CA-001: Class Prototype - destroyed




Image is created by CanisD.

The Overhauler Class Carrier is base on the Overhauler from the 2003 Video game. But toughing up to fixed in the Leonidas's Universe.

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