321px-Season 3 - Promo - Hero - Admiral Corman

Peter R. Corman is a high ranking member of the Colonial Fleet, reponsible for its 'out of systems' operations and also part of the Admiralty. He is a decorated Cylon War veteran, and agitator for greater funding and sustained operations beyond the four systems of Cyrannus. From within the Fleet heirarchy he has been preparing for 'the next war' with the Cylons. Considered an alarmist and warmonger who has generally been blocked in his endeavours by the Government and Fleet staff opposed to his dire predictions of Cylon return; he nevertheless still holds considerable sway in internal fleet politics with a cabal of like minded 'survivalists'.

Key FactsEdit

  • Rank is Admiral
  • Is currently posted to Picon Fleet Headquarters
  • Has lectured at the War College
  • Is a divisive figure who has linked the question of fleet size with existential threats to the Colonies (Cylons) and turned it into a bitter 'yes-no' contest.

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