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The main compound at Phoran

Phoran is the location of a secret base on Virgon built by the Ministry of Intelligence to house the secret research conducted there by Division 731. It was constructed sometime during the middle stages of the First Cylon War and was destroyed after the war to cover up the work that was conducted there which included Human experimentation.


Phoran was located on Virgon's south eastern most continent and was built in the snowy Adad mountain range which sat over 4,000 meters above sea level. The base itself was constructed around an abandoned fortification built over 2,000 years ago at base of a valley where the high and jagged rocks on all sides provided natural protection from attack. The fence line that was heavily patrolled by sentries had three separate layers each over three meters high with barbed wire curling along the top. Each layer of fencing was spaced a meter apart and buried into thick concrete that went deep into the ground.

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