Poseidon Class Warstar is from the alternate universe of Battlestar Leonidas.

Design OverviewEdit

The Poseidon Class Warstar is an evolution from the Mercury class Battlestar. The Poseidon class Warstars are 250.2 meters longer than the Mercury Class Battlestar. It operates a Air Wing of 22 Viper Squadron or 440 Vipers and 110 Raptor. Twevve ships of the class were to be constructed; however, due to the development of President Adar downsizing the Colonial Fleet, only Poseidon and Hades have been completed.\

Poseidon Class Warstar (A)

Poseidon Class Warstar

Poseidon Class Warstar
Poseidon Class Warstar (A)
Class/Type: Poseidon Class Warstar
Registry Designation: (WST - ??)
Affiliation: Twelve Colonies of Kobol
Navy: Colonial Navy
Length: 2040m
Years Active: Yes
Crew Manifest
Crew Compliment: 3000
Drive Systems
Offensive Systems
Defensive Systems

List of ShipsEdit



Unname-3, Under Construction

Unname-4, Under Construction

Unname-5, Under Construction

Unname-6, Under Construction

Unname-7, Planned

Unname-8, Planned

Unname-9, Planned

Unname-10, Planned

Unname-11, Planned

Unname-12, Panned


Images is taking from Wolf Shipyard Forum and was created by Michael Seaman-Huynh (Kamikazi).

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