Commander Rachel Smart Ass Scheinberg is a character from Allen Knott's Battlestar Leonidas (Series). She is the commanding officer of the Battlestar Thermopylae.


Rachel was born on the Demeter's moon of North Carolina. She is friend with Arthur Wallace and that freindship plus her mother's politic connect and her father business connect have help her promoted up the rank depited her ages. While she is the commanding officer of the Thermopylae, the Thermopylae have yet to be commissioning into the Fleet (Group A, 120 Battlestar) and is part of Group C. This cause some of the other commanding officer to look down on her.


Arthur Wallace

While rumors are that she and Arthur are sleeping together that are in fact not sleeping together. While there are friend, it a friendship build and base on the facts of their similar taste in movie. Arthur's also have visited Rachel's on North Carolina and she have visit him on Aquaria.


Note, images are base on a friend of Allen Knott. Please do not used without his permission.

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