The Cylon Raider, is the primary flighter attack craft of the Cylon Empire.
Cylon Raider (TOS)

Cylon Raider (TOS)


The Alpha Class - Mark IX is the ninth generation of the Cylon Raider.

Raiders are typically crewed by three centurions. Two centurions sit up front at the controls to pilot the ship, while the third centurion sits on a raised chair behind the others to command and coordinate.

It is armed with two forward-firing laser cannons and can carry bombs in bays within the wings and on racks mounted beneath the wings

Oval in shape, the piloted Raider has two sublight engines for propulsion. The vehicle is both space and atmosphere-capable.

On extended missions, Raiders have been known to be accompanied by fuel tankers. This allows wings of Raiders to cross large areas of space at sublight speeds without the aid of a Basestar. This tactic is normally used on sneak attack missions, allowing Raider wings to slip past enemy defenses undetected, whereas a basestar would easily be spotted by enemy scanners.

Despite their larger crew and greater potential for firepower, the Raider often finds itself outmatched by the Colonial Viper. This may be in part to the greater maneuverability of the Viper, and the skill of the Colonial Warriros who fly them.


Image created by CanisD.

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