The Cylon Raider Mark III, also known as the Cylon War Era Raider is the main Cylon fighter craft during the Cylon war.
Cylon Raider Mark III (D8)

Cylon Raider Mark III


The Raider Mark III is an improved version Raider Mark I. It lighter, faster, and carries larger caliber of guns. However it not as stronger as the Mark I. This is because it built with a weaker metal than the Mark I. However it can be built in larger number allowing the Cylon to take advantage of their superior number.

The Mark III have a crew of three centurion, a pilot, a co-pilot, and a command centurion.

It can landed on the surface of a planet and capable of taking of vertical takeoff.

However unlike the Mark I, the Mark III doesn't carries missile.

The Raiders is still in used at the time of Operation Homecoming with Cyrus's faction; Daniel's faction; the Guardain's Basestar, and those Centurion who remaing on Cylonia (the Cylon homeworld).


Image is created by CanisD.

Unlike it canon's version it doesn't act like a dropship.

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