The Cylon Raider Mark II; also known as the Recon Raider (Reconnaissance Raider) or the Cylon Light Raiders, is the second Raider design and the first by the Centurion themselves.

Cylon Raiders Mark II (Reconnaissance Raider - Light Raider)

Cylon Raider Mark II


The Mark II better known as the Recon Raider is a raiders design for optimized high speed recon and light fighter roles.

They still carries three centurion, however while stilling having a pilot, and co-pilot, it carries a recon Centurion instead of a command pilot. This is part of the reason while it not as good as a fighter compare to the Mark I.

It carries two railguns and two missile under it wings for a total of four.

The craft is still used by Cyrus. Who maintain a number of this craft for recon and patrol.

After Cyrus and Daniel joined forces, Cyrus tranfer some on his Mark II to Daniel's basestars to built it the basastars Raider Wings.

The Recon Raiders is mention in Volume 3 Chapter 8.


Image created by CanisD.

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