The Cylon Raider Mark IV is an advanced Raiders.
Cylon Raider Mark IV

Cylon Raider Mark IV


The Raider Mark IV is an improved version of the Mark I. While the Mark III service as the primary fighter for the Cylon during the Cylon War. Cylon High Command realize the short coming of the Mark III. It was decide to built an heavier version of the Mark I.

The Mark IV has greater range because of the extra fuel it carries in it extended wings. Also because of it larger wings it larger than other older Raiders. It is slower than the Mark III but not by much. It can contiune to flies even with a destroyed wings.

It still carries a crew of three centurions, a pilot, a co-pilot, and a command centurion.

It have two railguns, six missiles - three under each wings, and a bomb bay that carries eight bomb.


Image is created by CanisD.

The Mark IV is base on Raider (SDS)

For more information about the Raider (SDS) see Raider (SDS) at the Tombs of Kobol. This information is not canon in Battlestar Leonidas.

I include the Raider (SDS) as a nod to the Singer-DeSanto attempt continuation of the orignal series.

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