The Cylon Raider Mark IX, also known as the AB Raider (Advanced Bomber Raider) is a class of raider that appeared in Battlestar Leonidas.

Cylon Raider Mark IX (A)

Cylon Raider Mark IX (AB Raider)


The AB Raider is the precursor to the Heavy Raider Mark I.

It carries a crew of six centurions: Pilot, Co - pilot, Command Centurion, Bombarder/Navigator, Wireless operator/Secondary Navigator, Command - Pilot/turret operator.

While the AB Raider is slower than most Raider it make up for it by having more firepower and increase armor. It carries four railguns, two turret mounted railguns, a bomb bay with eight bombs, and six missile (three under each wings).

It was seen in the last two years of the Cylon War. The Viper Mark III project was started in respone to the Mark IX.

It also carries twelve Marine-type Centurions that are not part of the crews. The Centurions are design for ground operation and boarding parties.

At the end of the Human-Cylon War the AB Raider was favored out of production in favor the Heavy Raider Mark I.

It unknown how many of the craft still survived; but at least one is still used by Cyrus. Daniel however used the Heavy Raider Mark I in is place.

AB Raider (B)

AB Raider with a different paint job. Also top turret facing backward.


Images created by CanisD.

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