The Cylon Raider Mark I is the first fighter design for the Centurion to used.

Cylon Raiders Mark I

Cylon Raider Mark I


Original the Centurion was just used for only ground combat however shortly before the Cylon revolt occur; it was decide to allowed the Centurion to also take over the Air Force and so the Cylon Raider Mark I was developed.

With a crew of three; a pilot, a co-pilot, and a command pilot; the Mark I is superior to the Viper Mark I in several aspect and at least an even match for the Mark II. It was not till the Viper Mark III was the Colonial was able to overcome the Mark I however by them the war was almost over.

It carries two railguns, missiles, and bombs. It carries two missiles per wings, for a total of four and four bombs in it bomb bay, located on the bottom of the craft.

The Mark I contiune to service the Cylon Race with Cyrus having a numbers of the craft.

After Cyrus and Daniel join forces, Cyrus transfer a number of the craft over to Daniel's basestars to built up the basestars Raiders wings.


Image is created by CanisD.

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