The Cylon Raider Mark VII also known as the Scatter Raider, Scatter Class Light Raider, or simiple as the Light Raider is a class of Raider that serviced during the Cylon War.
Cylon Raider Mark VII

Cylon Raider Mark VII


The Raider Mark VII enters service forty - five years before Operation Homecoming. It design to replaced the Raider Mark II. However it was used primary as a recon and screening raider.

It crews by three centurions, a pilot, a co - pilot, and a recon centurion. It has larger FTL drive to increase range. Because of it ability to jump greater distance it was used in hit and run tactics behind Colonial Raider.

It operated from the Overhauler Class Carrier.

Because it operater far from it mother ship/cylon line it arms with an extra pars of guns located below the normal set of guns. It also carries missile under the wings.


Image is created by CanisD. The Mark VII is base on the Scatter Raider from the 2003 video game.

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