Rajesh Suman is a character from Wes Imlay's Battlestar Victorius (Series). He appears in the story 'Survival of the Battlestar Stryker'.

Early LifeEdit

Rajesh Suman was born twenty - five years before the fall. He was born in Queenstown, Picon and was the youngest of two children. He has an older sister, Kumari, who works for the city of Queenstown as a file clerk at City Hall. His mother, Vasanti Suman, and father, Dinesh Suman, had a marriage that appeared to be strong until Dinesh Suman was arrested and sent to jail for insider trading when Rajesh was eleven years old.

Trouble with the LawEdit

The imprisonment of his father hit Rajesh hard and when he became a teenager he began to get in trouble with the law. When he was seventeen Rajesh and a group of friends were arrested attempting to spray paint the Queenstown War Memorial. The judge, a veteran of the Cylon War, gave Rajesh a choice of either going to jail or joining the military. In an attempt to help the young man 'make something of himself,' the judge sent Rajesh off to Abry Military Academy on Caprica. If for some reason the young man had to leave the Academy for disciplinary reasons then there would be consequences when he returned to Picon.

An OpportunityEdit

Rajesh took this opportunity seriously and when he was at Abry he did all he could to make the most of the opportunity given to him. Upon graduation he was assigned to the battlestar Valkyrie to serve as an ensign in the Communications Division. Six months into the deployment on the Valkryie there was an opening on the battlestar Stryker and the Valkyrie's CO recommended Rajesh for the position. He would stay on the Stryker until he got news from Caprica.

Leaving the FleetEdit

Anish Anupam, Rajesh's uncle, was the owner of a restaurant and bar on Caprica Beach. He passed away unexpectedly of a heart attack, and his will called for Rajesh to take over the business. After hearing the news, the now-Lieutenant Suman went to Picon to meet with the judge and get his blessing to leave the Colonial Fleet. With this in hand he tendered his resignation from the Fleet as soon as the Stryker was decommissioned and deactivated.

He would not get the chance to leave the ship as the Cylons attacked on the day of the Stryker's decommissioning.

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