The Raven Class Stealth Battlestar is a class of warship that will apears in Battlestar Leonidas (Universe). It is the first fully stealth ship also design for combat in the Colonial Navy and Ministry of Intelligence.


After the deveolpment of the Banshee Class Stealthstar which was only build for recon mission with limited defense and offense armament. It was decision to built a fully stealth battlestar which could if the need arise hold it own in combat. Project Raven was start almost six years before Operation Homecoming and result in the created of the Raven Class Stealth Battlestar, Viper Mark VII Stealth Viper Mark II, and a improve Stealth Raptor, also known as the Stealth Raptor Mark II. Twelve was to be built for the Colonial Military and tweleve for the Ministry of Intelligence, at the request of the MOI, however some leak document lead to the cancelation of most of the Raven Class Stealth Battlestar. Rumors contiune that construction continue just at a sercet location. However during Operation Homecoming the Cylon dispatch a larger force to destroyed the serect location which turn out to be a secret Ministry of Intelligence base include several shipyards.

List of Known Raven Class Ships.Edit

Colonial Military's Raven ClassEdit

Raven (Class Prototype)

Bird of Prey (Under Construction - Cancel)

Blackbird (Under Construction - Cancel)

Black Panther (Planned - Cancel)

Black Widow (Planned - Cancel)

Eclipse (Planned - Cancel)

Executor (Planned - Cancel)

Lusankya (Planned - Cancel)

Nighthawk (Planned - Cancel)

Nightwatch (Planned - Cancel)

Sea Shadow (Planned - Cancel)

Sovereign (Planned - Cancel)

Ministry of Intelligence Raven ClassEdit

Annihilator (Planned - Cancel)

Banshee (Planned - Cancel)

Enforcer (Planned - Cancel)

Dark Knight (Planned - Cancel)

Guardian (Planned - Cancel)

Intimidator (Planned - Cancel)

Iron First (Planned - Cancel)

Knight Hammer (Planned - Cancel)

Razor's Kiss (Planned - Cancel)

Reaper (Planned - Cancel)

Spirit (Planned - Cancel)

Vengeance (Planned - Cancel)


The Battlestar Raven's Image is created by Arashikami and found on Sci if Meshes and is a base on the Ravenstar Studios Ravne Class Battlestar.

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