Reach is a planet in the Battlestar Leonidas's Universe. It is where Arthur Wallace have his fall back base, Echo Base in case something happen to Camelot.



Reach have a large supercontinents, name Laurasia.

It have two moons, Turul and Csadaszarvas.

While Reach is full of titanium; it two moons are tylium rich. Making it a gold minies. It like Avalon is also rich in Trinium. However unlike Avalon, Reach is colded, with less farmland making it food production more limited.

They are seven settlemt on Reach:

Palhaza: Home to the Green Army the smaller settlement on Reach.

Zlate Moravce: Home to the New Green Army.

Mohacs: Home to the Sagittaron Freedom Movement.

New Alexandria: Home to the Sagittaron Liberation Army.

Ezhtergon: Home to the Eastern Alliance, a pirate group.

Quezon: Home to the Erebea.

Manassas: Home to Echo Base, the Colonial Military and the Masassas Space Port. It also the large settlement on Reach.


Reach is base on the Halo planet of the same name, Reach

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