This Universe fills the holes that were created in the RDM Reimaging, this is strictly my interpretation and none of this is cannon to the actual story. Originally when I wrote the story I designed it to strictly follow an Il-series named Lucifer, at the end of the First Cylon War he was tasked to create an army of mindless flesh drones that would throw themselves at their enemy creating a gap in the defense of the Colonies. His life ultimately changed while experimenting he saved the life of a particular woman who would change his outlook forever.

The story was supposed to end there, but it didn’t. Filling the holes I still found doors that were still open and through the inspiration of a friend paved a way to continue the story. It then became paramount to continue my work but in order to accomplish I needed to find a place that wouldn’t end where the show began. Simply to jump there I didn’t want to create something that left more question then it started off with so I wrote another prologue that took place a few years after the story that introduced more of my characters.

Everything in the first two stories could work to the beginning of the show leaving no doors opened I finally could start the story that I have wanted to start from the beginning. With good foundation Zero was introduced a teenage girl who is half machine and half a human model, that has no recollection of another life her mind once filled. With the aid of her two friends one a machine and the other a human she begins to learn her place in a world that had been devastated by her ancestors.


Zero – Half Hybrid/Centurion model

Lucifer – Il-Series

Captain Tricia Helfer – Human/Model 6

Purevenom/Imperious Leader – Unknown model/Model 4

John Cavil – Model 1

Spectre – Il-Series

Phantom – Prototype Centurion (Still pending)


Basestars old/new

Battlestar Galactica

Phantom Fighter (Still Pending)



Lucifer’s Experiment – takes place right after the first Cylon War

Rise of John Cavil – 5-10 years after the first Cylon War

Rebirth of a Legion – 28 years after the Colony was destroyed

Dawn of an Infinite Night – 29 years after the Colony was destroyed

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