Richard 'Starbuck' Bancroft is a characters from Allen Knott's Battlestar Leonidas (Story). He is base on the original characters Starbuck (TOS) He first appearing in Volume One Chapter Five playing card and seem to win easy over Admiral Arthir Wallace.


Starbuck service during the Cylon War along with his bestfriend Skyler 'Apollo' Adama. During the war he would meet a woman name Socrata Thrace. However After the war, he would marry Cassiopeia, who was a nurse on Galactica and had a daughter. However during a seperation from Cassipeia he date Socrata Thrace, and in Dimension Eight is the biological father of Kara 'Starbuck' Thrace but he doesn't learn till after Operation Homecoming that Kara is his daughter. Socrate Thrace kept the fact that Kara is he daughter from him because Starbuck went back to Cassiopeia because she is the only woman he have every real love. Unknown to Kara is the fact she got her callsign because she remain the flight instuctor of Starbuck.


Dalton Bancroft

Cienna Bancroft

Kara Thrace (Unknown to him)


Named is base on the A-Team characters Faceman birth name, who is also play by Dirk Benedict.
Richard Bancroft

Starbuck during the Cylon War

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