The Sabre Class Gunstar or the Hermes Class Gunstar is a class of colonial warship that appears in Battlestar Prometheus (Series) and Battlestar Leonidas (Series).

Battlestar PrometheusEdit

The Hermes Class Gunstars are the equilant to the Mercury Class Battlestars.They are intended to compliment, and eventually replace the older Titan Class. They are equiped with eight Battlestar class engines and are the fastest ships in the Fleet. When all eight sngines are operating at flank speed, they have been known to outrun their own Vipers.This speed comes at a cost, however. The Hermes class is realitively cramped internally. They are fuel intensive and must be supported by fleet tenders on a regular basis. Normally they run on only four engines to conserve fuel.

CREW COMPLIMENT: 900 crew, 500 Marines (One Marine Battalion)

FIGHTER COMPLIMENT: 24 Viper, numerous Raptors, and Shuttles.

GROUND VEHICLE COMPLIMENT: Landram Mark II Ground Assault Vehicles.

JUMP RANGE: 90 Stellar Units (SU)


In the Battlestar Leonidas's Universe, it is the Sabre Class and has been around since the end of the Cylon War.

Mark IEdit

Mark IIEdit

Mark IIIEdit

List of Sabre/HermesEdit

Dimension EightEdit



Dimension FifteenEdit





Mark I created by XRaiderV1.

Mark II and Mark III created by XRaiderV1 and Kamikazi.

Note: Battlestar Prometheus only used the Mark III. The Mark are the Dimension Eight counterpart classify.

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