The Scimitar Class Bomber appears in the Battlestar Prometheus (Series).

Scimitar Class

Scimitar Class Bomber


The Scimitar Bomber is a modification of the Raptor design. It had one pilot and one co-pilot/bombardier. It weapons are 1 turrent mounted auto-cannon, 2 anti-ship missiles, and 10 Aries series bomb. They work as both ground assault and space assault vehicles. On the ground they are used to bomb targets and provide ground support to land based troops. In space, they are used to attack weapons emplacements on capital ships and destroy enemy fighter facilities (i.e. Landing and Launching bays). Being relatively new to the fleet, the Scimitar Bomber isn’t seen by many eyes. Only ten full squadrons have been fielded, the Prometheus Squadron being the latest. Scimitar Bombers have no jump capability since the FTL engines and navigation equipment is sacrificed for the bomb bay and targeting equipment.

There are 18 Scimitar Bombers assigned to the Prometheus that fall under the command of the Air Support Group Commander.


Images is taking from Wolf Shipyard/Battlestar Prometheus Website and was created by CanisD.

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