Serina Adama
Serina Adama (nee Seymour)
Vital statistics
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Posting: Battlestar Galactica (BST-10)
Position: Viper Pilot

Combat Shuttle Operator

Spouse(s): Skyler Adama
Children: Troy Adama

Boxer Adama

Personal Weapons Systems
Chronological & Political Information
Era(s): Fall of the 12 Colonies
Affiliations: Republic of the 12 Colonies
Allies: Colonial Fleet
Enemies: Cylon Fleet

Serina Adama - B

Serina Adama (nee Frankenberg) is a character from Allen Knott's Battlestar Leonidas (Story). She is based on the original Battlestar Galactica (TOS) version of the character of Serina


Colonial Military Service Edit

Serina Frankenberg entered service on Galactica during the Cylon War as a shuttle and Raptor pilot. She meet Skyler and would later marry him after the war ended. See Skyler Adama (D8)

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