Deputy Director Shane Ainsleigh; head of Division 731

Shane Ainsleigh
was a high ranking officer in the Ministry of Intelligence (MOI) during the First Cylon War. He held the rank of Deputy Director and was put in command of the secretive Division 731 and oversaw the brutal experiments conducted there on prisoners.

Early LifeEdit

A Horrific StartEdit

Shane was born on Tauron during the first uprising. His biological father was a Caprican mercenary fighting with the Heracs who raped a young Tauron woman named Marta. Marta gave birth to Shane nine months later but died shortly after. Disowned by his surviving relative as a bastard the baby Shane was rescued by aid workers from Leonis.

Family LifeEdit

He was adopted by a Leonisian family and took their surname of Ainsleigh. He grew up in a caring and compassionate home and was known for his loving nature towards his adoptive siblings. He excelled at school proving to be a very intelligent child. He was quite athletic but preferred studying to sports.

An Alter-EgoEdit

There was another side to his personality however and concerned how he treated people outside of his family and social group. When he was thirteen a young boy from a rival school accused him of cheating in a game of Pyramid. Shane started to beat the boy eventually breaking his jaw and if it were not for the intervention of a passer-by it was likely Shane would have killed him.

Division 731 CommanderEdit

Well ConnectedEdit

Very little is known about his career before the war but during his time at Phoran where Division 731 was based he showed almost no compassion towards his victims and believed entirely in his mission. He had powerful supporters within the Ministry of Intelligence and the Quorum of Twelve who both aided Division 731's operations as well as helped cover them up from the general population.

A Brutal LeaderEdit

Ainsleigh was a brutal leader who instilled fear even in his own subordinates.

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