Shannon Adama
Shannon Adama
Vital statistics
Aliases/Nicknames: Ruth
Birthplace: Caprica City
Home Colony: Caprica
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Posting: Department of Research and Development
Mother: Carolanne Adama
Father: Williama Adama
Brother(s): Lee Adama

Zak Adama

Paternal Grandmother: Evelyn Adama

Shannon Adama (Step-grandmother) Ruth (Step-great grandmother)

Paternal Grandfather: Joseph Adama
Personal Weapons Systems
Chronological & Political Information
Era(s): Second Cylon War
Affiliations: Colonial Government
Allies: Admiral Arthur Wallace
Enemies: Cylon

Shannon "Ruth" Adama is the daughter of Commander Willam and Carolanne Adama. She is named after her grandfather first wives, Shannon Adama Her nickname/callsign come from Shannon Adama's mother, Ruth. She is a characters from Battlestar Leonidas (Series).


Shannon was born on Caprica 25 BTF. Durng her high school years, she dated a woma name Neela.

Volume One: A Storm on the Horizon Edit

Chapter One: Shannon is living in Oasis, when her friend Adm. Arthur Wallace comes to visit her. Shannon is working for the Colonial government in the Department of Research and Development (DRD).

Chapter Two: None Edit

Chapter Three: None Edit

Volume Two: Opening VolleyEdit

Shannon does not appears in Volume Two.

Volume Three: Cylons' Eyes Edit

Shannon does not appears in Volume Three.

Volume FourEdit

Volume Five Edit

Shannon will make her next appearance in Volume Five.


It seem that the Shannon Adama in Caprica (TV Series) is the mother of Tamara and William "Willie" Adama with Evelyn Adama been the mother of William "Husker" Adama, who was name after both his grandfather and his half brother. So Shannon Adama name should be, if her was name after her grandmother, Evelyn Adama however at the time of her created that was unknown to the Author. So her backstory change to reflect the change makes in Caprica (TV Series). However her name may be change at some point to reflect those changed.

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