Shauna Willis is a characters from Wes Imlay's Battlestar Victorious.

Shauna Denee Willis was born twenty-five years BTF in the city of Big Elk on Aquaria. Her parents, Jesse and Karen Willis, would move to the colony of Leonis and settle in the city of Lampetia not long after she had been born. Shauna excelled at sports and was heavily recruited by many universities to play Pyramid for them. Ultimately she would choose to attend Aquaria Military Academy. Upon her graduation she was assigned to the Battlestar Eagle to serve in the ship's Tactical Division. A year later she was transferred to the Battlestar Victorious and it was here she would remain until the Fall of the Colonies.

After the Fall she would be assigned to the recommissioned Battlestar Athena as the head of the Tactical Division.

There was a need for an XO on the Cylon War era battlestar Achilles and Willis was recommended for the positioned.

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