Skyler 'Apollo' Adama is a characters from Allen Knot's Battlestar Leonidas (Story). Skyler was born as Jason Zarek and is the twin brother of Thomas Zarek and the adpotive son of Samuel Adama and his husband Larry Adama (nee Chapple). He is based on the original Battlestar Galactica series characters of Captain Apollo (TOS) He first appearing is in Volume One Chapter Five while he arrivial late to a society gathering.

Skyler Adama

Skyler Adama during the Cylon War


Born on Sagittaron to Jerome Zarek and Karen Zarek along with his twin brother Thomas Zarek (better known today as Tom Zarek). He was adopted by Samuel Adama and Larry Adama (nee Chapple). He later service during the Cylon War on the Galactica, along side Ensign William "Husker" Adama and earning the callsign of Apollo. His callsign would be later given too his nephew Captain Lee "Apollo' Adama. After the Cylon War ended Skyler marry two woman first, Serina and second, Sheba. He has a son name Troy by Serina and a son name Dillon by Sheba.

Children - SerinaEdit

Troy Adama

Boxer Adama

Children - ShebaEdit

Dillon Adama

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