1312 Clone

Clone in flight suit

Staffen av Slottet (first batches birthed 22 years before the Cylon War) is the Terran clone series formed into the 1312th Allied Interceptor Regiment. Named to denote the cloning centre they came from and the template based on (referred to as candidate) they are now being fielded as part of the frontal armies (most actively utilised Alliance units). This is due to the completion of their training and probationary 'tours' and marks them as 'combat capable' in the eyes of Alliance Fighter Command.

The Candidate was picked for his acceptable mental and physical scoring in pilot exams; of good standing upon further interview with enough minor character flaws identified to keep 'loyal through blackmail' as contingency. Candidates to an Alliance cloning program generally meet a 'middling' standard but are considered exceptionally 'managed' and the template is chosen because he is a reliable officer first, potenitally good pilot second. Clones are not modified genetically and are brought up 'naturally' with a managed physical and mental development program.

Formation of the Regiment has taken twenty years though in the short time thereafter it has proven a solidly performing unit in war games and training exercises. While not ranked as a potential ace unit it has been marshalled for transition into the 'offensive wings' where Regiments are kept aside and specifically trained as 'attack units' to deal with Nationalist aerial opposition. All clones serve together, with a second 'peacetime replacement' batch roughly half the number at the Castle cloning facility. The Alliance Armed Forces cloning initiative typically births 'peacetime replacements' every fifteen years, wartime production involves output maximised to the very ceiling of support capacity.



Enforcer helmet

They are young, darker skinned flyers with neatly trimmed black hair that thins dramatically in a patch at the top of the crown and suggests ongoing balding with some completely shaven. Strong jawed and with a natural frown; as if forever squinting into glare, they also have noticeable shadows under their eyes but otherwise pleasant, handsome enough features. Disarming to a degree. They are of average height and lean, with a deceptive physicality and fitness. All are particularly subdued and quiet in the company of others and only interact as necessary, brevity a shared quality among all. Though among themselves they are animated and immature, enjoying casual behaviour and standards they have been noted to engage in dangerous 'philosophical forum' by political officers (though currently cleared of any strikes). They generally rely on humour in casual social scenarios to relate to others, are book smart but emotionally uncertain and in formal situations follow protocol to the tee, being noted for their professional attitude (if not rated to the highly professional level that are expected with such demeanour).

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