The Stalingrad Class Heavy Carrier is a class of Colonial warship.


After the sucess of the Yorktown Class Carrier, and with Adar contiune to downsizing the Fleet. The Admiralty decided to construction of the Stanlingrad Class Heavy Carrier. However, unlike the Yorktown Class Carrier, which is totatly dependent on it escort/limited defense weapons for protecting. The Stalingrad has teeth and while it still have escorts.
Stalingrad Class Heavy Carrier

Stalingrad Class Heavy Carrier

List of StalingradEdit


Cimitar - Under Construction

Coral Sea - Under Construction

Cosmora - Plan

Dragonhead Nebula (Dragonhead) - Plan

Glennon - Plan

Guam - Plan

Jutland Belt (Jutland) - Plan

Leyte Gulf (Leyte) - Plan

Nerio - Plan

Phuket - Plan

Samar - Plan


Image is created by CanisD.

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