The Stealthstar are a group of stealth viper used for recon mission.

The Stealthstar Mark IV, (officially the Starhound Class Stealth Viper Mark IV in Dimension Eight) and common called the Stealthstar, are stealth craft used by the Colonial Fleet during Operation Outlook (D8).

Stealthstar Mark IIIIEdit

The third Stealthstar is base on the Viper Mark VI.

Stealthstar Mark III (Refit)Edit

The third Stelthstar, was refitted with improve stealth armor (D8); become known as the Stealthstar Mark III (Refit).

Stealthstar Mark IVEdit

The Stealthstar Mark IV, base on the Viper Mark VII.

Stealthstar Mark IV (Refit)Edit

As some point was refitted with improve stealth armor, and become know as the Stealthstar Mark IV (Refit). The improver version appears in Battlestar Prometheus (Series) with the new design skins that improve it stealth ability.

Stealthstar Mark VEdit

The final version of the Stealhstar, had retracted guns. It take what work with the Mark IV and improve it.

Stealthstar Mark V (Refit)Edit

Like the rest of them it was refitted with improve stealth armor.


Images was created by CanisD and found on Wolf Shipyards

Also the idea of the Stealthstar being refitted come from Allen Knott and is their to explain the different between the Stealthstar seen in 'Hero' and the Stealthstar seen in Ryan A. Keeton's Battlestar Prometheus (Series). The was to help explain that after the failed of that mission the Colonial Fleet went back and design better stealth armor belief it was the stealth armor that fail during the mission that lead to the Stealthstar being shot down. The new black stealth armor is more realistic and like what the US Military used for the Stealth Bomber, the B-2 Spirit and Stealth Fighter, F-117 Nighthawk. It also help to explain the development of the Raven Class Stealth Battlestar in the Battlestar Leonidas's Universe.

It is Allen Knott's view that the Stealthstar is a code name and is why in Dimension Eight, it is official the Viper Mark VII Stealth Fighter.

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