Jaina Solo LOTF Sketch by saith100

Jaina "Sword" Solo is a female Viper pilot operating with a Warrior Group along the Lianus vector. Her father was a renowned pilot and sometime-smuggler, her mother of noble birth and she has a twin, and younger brother. She has a strong mathematical and scientific aptitude along with sharp reflexes and boundless interest in mechanical objects. She is a skilled pilot and likes to lead from the front, though an impulsive streak and a habit of being stubborn does not make her the 'model' leader. She is more comfortable leading the charge than planning and ordering it. During "the war" the appearance of her unit in support of Fleet elements first reveals the existance of a 'shadow fleet'.

Key Facts:Edit

  • Rank is Major
  • Qualified Viper pilot, FTL navigator
  • Loyalist
  • Recruited to serve in a Warrior Group straight out of Flight School

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