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anyone who knows how to make a FTL jump in a viper or how long galactica will be in dry docks help me out by replying

--Normally Vipers, doesn't have FTL in the new series. The only Viper, I know of that does has FTL is the Viper Mark VIII. What do you mean about Galactica will be in dry docks?

Allen Knott, 7/22/2012. 8:16pm E.S.T. U.S.

Hey I was just wondering what is Warstar (D2). Is it a fanfic for this site or can I find else where if so where (please link)

---Warstar (D2) is a Warstar that exist in Dimension Two. Dimension Two is the Warstar Universe, a fan fiction story. The Fankn wiki is a site for any BSG fan fic.

Allen Knott, 7/22/2012. 8:14pm E.S.T. U.S.

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