The Terror Class Battlestar is a Battlestar class that was designed and completed near the end of the First Cylon War. With the War at an end, the Terror Class was discontinued and the only ship completed was the Battlestar Demigod.


Completed a month before the end of the War, the Terror Class only saw several small skirmishes between      Colonial Forces and the Cylons. The Terror Class was discontinued but the Battlestar Demigod still served in the Fleet for thirty years before being decommissioned to the role of training carrier. The class was set to be retired a month after the Fall/Operation Homecoming was initiated. 


Length: 2,321 Meters

Width: 650 Meters

Heighth: 217 Meters

Heavy/Medium Batteries: 80

Point Defense Cannons: 379

Crew: 3,014 Officers and Enlisted

Vipers: 10 Squadrons/200 Vipers at Full Capacity

Raptors: 3 Squadrons/60 Raptors at Full Capcity

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