Whitlock always drew a Blue Rose over newspaper cuttings of his victims

The Blue Rose Killings were a series of murders that took place in Delphi circa 65 BTF. They were perpetrated by serial killer Mace Whitlock and nearly all the victims were Police Officers of the Delphi Metropolitan Police Constabulary.


Delphi Police Car

Delphi Police Car (Circa 65 BTF)

Whitlock’s motive for the killings were unclear. It was always believed that he suffered from acute paranoia and believed that the Caprican Government were an ‘agency of darkness’ and he thus declared war on their ‘soldiers I.E. the Police. The name for the killings was derived by Whitlock’s habit of painting a blue rose onto newspaper cuttings of his victims.


Six Police Officers were killed in the line of duty before he was shot dead by a Tactical Response Team. One of his victims was rookie cop Joshua Markinson .

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