"Better the devil you know than the devil you don't": A saying that means 'it is better to deal with a person or thing you know, even if you do not like them, than to deal with a new person or thing that could be even worse.'

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Faux cover for 'The Devil You Know'

'The Devil You Know' is a prequel story written by Wes Imlay combining characters from both the 'Battlestar Victorious (Series)' and 'Battlestar Hermes' series.

The story takes place in two time periods. The main focus of the story is set during the First Cylon War, two years before the Armistice is signed. The second takes place three years Before the Fall.

The First Cylon WarEdit

The Cylons have begun making a push to take complete control of the colony of Canceron. President Gwyneth Morrigan has agreed with a controversial idea proposed by Fleet Admiral Jonas Stryker, attempt to enlist the aid of the Basileus Crime Syndicate to help in the fight against the Cylons.

Transporting Admiral Stryker to Canceron, and the meeting with Carl Tolan in the city of Iopolis, are Captain Archibald 'Firefly' Bowman and Lt. Vincent 'Govie' Zeresi.

Three Years Before The FallEdit

After a long illness that robbed his mind of everything he had ever known, Archibald Bowman has passed away. His grandson, Artimus Bowman, has returned to the family home in Delphi to be with his grandmother during this time of loss. Unfortunately he also has his estranged father at the house as well and in an attempt to avoid conflict Artimus takes refuge in his grandfather's study. While he is there, Artimus takes time to read Archibald Bowman's journal detailing his time fighting the Cylons. He takes note of an entry regarding a mission to Canceron, a mission that involved the legendary Admiral Stryker.

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