The Monotheist Camp was a settlement established by the Cylon occupational forces on Virgon following the fall of the Twelve Colonies. It was built to house those humans who believed in what the Cylons termed the One-True-God. The people chosen to live there were spared from the holocaust by the Cylons who allowed them to take shelter when Cylon forces launched their attack.

Cylon ControversyEdit

It is clear from dialogue in Battlestar Hermes: Faststar that the decision to build the camp was a controversial one amongst the Significant Seven Cylon models. It would appear that not all the models supported the decision on the camp’s creation, one of the first times that the Cylons differing opinions seriously clashed. It is clear that both the Sixes and the Twos are strong supporters of the camp and are the predominant models seen there while only one Five is known to have made it his home. A key figure at the camp is the Number Six Natalie Faust.



The inhabitants of the camp live in small log cabins

The camp itself is built around a semi-submerged Cylon Baseship. This Baseship was damaged during a battle and was forced to land to effect repairs. While the repairs were being completed it was decided to use the ship as the central point for the camp providing it with power, clean water and food as well as purifying the soil and air from radiation. The buildings are all made out of logs taken from the surrounding forests as part of the belief that hard work is good for the soul. A high fence with intermittent guard towers surround the camp providing protection from resistance fighters hiding in the nearby hills.

Prisoners of WarEdit

As well as housing the believers in the One-True-God the camp is also home to a handful of PoWs. As yet it is unclear why they have been sent there. One such PoW is Nester Adrastos of the Battlestar Hermes.

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