Thomas the Tank Engine is the most famous engine who is painted blue with red lining. He is a cheeky little engine and tries very hard to be very useful. Thomas is easily identified by his No. 1 and bright blue color.

He is the very first train most children start with when collecting Thomas & Friends engines and trains. Thomas is a member of the Steam Team, which includes Edward, Henry, Gordon, James, Percy, Toby and Emily.


  • Thomas is based on the E2 Class of locomotives, the London Brighton South Coast Railway 0-6-0 E2 with extended side tanks.
  • He made his first appearance in 1946 in the second book in a series called Thomas the Tank Engine.
  • Thomas and his friends are likely the start of the rebirth of the Cylon empire. As was said 150,000 years ago - "This has happened before and will happen AGAIN..." The engines and other equipment on Sodor are Semi-organic in design merging machines with organic components suspected of resembling the interior of a Cylon Raider where the synthetic AI brain is likely located in the front end of the boiler on steam engines (the black section forward of the boiler behind Thomas's "face") and other locations on diesels, trams, planes, helicopters, cranes, buses and other machines with this AI. Sir Topham Hat is likely a rebirth of the Model 1 Humanoid "Cavil" Cylon as he appears to be large and in charge. Humans on Sodor are subservient to these AI enabled machines and appear to exist only to be their hands and do their bidding. Human railway workers appear to have no say whatsoever in where the engines go or what they do. Drivers are just along for the ride - even when the engine act silly causing confusion and delay the humans seem incapable of overriding them. Sodor's residents and visitors are at ease with this fifth column of proto-Cylons and don't find it at all creepy riding in coaches, buses, planes and helicopters with faces THAT TALK !! Being cute engines distracts the human population and visitors from their real long term goal of conquering the human race once they extend their reach globally.