Spaceclub by maykrender-d3avscu

The Three Moons Lounge

The Three Moons Lounge is an entertainment establishment in Caprica City on Caprica. Spread over five floors of a historic downtown skyscraper; it offers unrivalled views of the city skyline and waterfront and is located right in the heart of the Capital of the Colonies.

Three Moons Lounge is quite famous, especially among Capricans, and is often preceded by its titillating pre-Cylon War reputation. Today the club still maintains an amazing customer service level, experience and environment to all who get past Security on the street and are ushered into the Elevators. To be invited to do a few songs, a show or DJ a night at the Three Moons is still a big thing for many entertainers and such events are usually recorded and broadcasted (individual photo and recording devices are banned though the staff are on hand to capture a moment or more if a patron so desires it). The Lounge 'cellar', bars and House drinks collection is considered one of the finest endeavours in the Colonies with numerous new cocktails and concoctions coming from the 'Balcony Bar' or 'Glass Ceiling' barfronts and a legendary ability to serve every type of alcohol in the Four Systems or have it for you on your next visit. Its collection of artworks is an appreciating asset though follows a subject matter that hasn't seen it loaned to Galleries too often. The Lounge recently auctioned some of its most famous paintings and pictures to raise money for the war effort and display reproductions instead.

A firm supporter of the new Colonial Fleet; the Three Moons Lounge is also the unoffical 'base of operations' for Officers of the Battlestar Pacifica when on Caprica. It does attract some of the Military crowd, but it carefully manages who its guests are and apart from a select 'Services' crowd it predominantly caters to ordinary Colonials as it claims is always has. Part of the popularity of the club is down to the experience and service it provides, which people see as open to anyone who wants it.

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