Timothy Edwards

Rear Adm. Edward

Timothy "Tim" Edwards is a characters from the alternate universe of Battlestar Leonidas (Series).


Edwards promoted from Commander to Rear Admiral come from family connecting. He also dislike Keene Barron because Edwards used to be with Barron's wife Anastasia.

Volume One: A Storm on the HorizonEdit

Chapter Three: Commander Edward was promoted to Rear Admiral by Admiral Hasdrubal and assign to a secret recon mission. Rear Admiral Edward also was giving command of the Warstar Hades.

Chapter Four: While taking on supplies at Scorpion Fleet Shipyards Rear Admiral Edward meet Colonel Neo Anderson. He also meet Sofia Tina, an MOI agent.

Volume Two: Opening VolleyEdit

Chapter One: Rear Adm. Edward have a private consversion with Lt. Tina

Chapter Three: Rear Adm. Edward and Lt. Tina meet with Lt. Barron on Malta Station.

Chapter Four:

Chapter Five:

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