Part 1 BSG: Lucifer’s Experiment

Tricia Helfer was born before the first Cylon war her interest were always the stars, once able she left her home world of Tauron in pursuit of the very dream, eventually becoming a Captain of her own ship the Pytheas she worked for the airlines transporting people from one planet to the other.

During the war trying to avoid being part of the conflict she was on a routine route near the star Hyades when she came across an invasion fleet in route to her home world, able to transmit a last minute message she was able to thwart the invasion task force. At a horrible cost though her ship was lost and to the Colonies believed that everyone died in the encounter.

Far from the truth they hadn’t been destroyed but the ship was captured by the Cylons and through their own madness tortured and experimented on the surviving passengers. Putting their bodies through rigorous testing they tested to the limitations of the human body mangling them in many ways.

Tricia believed to be dead was placed in a rummage pile for spare parts, an Il-series robot Lucifer testing the bodies to see if it was capable to create a mindless human drone for the purpose of suicide bombing came across her body, and as he worked on her discovered her to be still alive.

Resuscitating her back to life he used the knowledge within her body to understand the inner working making Lucifer a valuable asset to the Legions new allies, a group of humanoids stating that they were from the original home world of Kobol and that they were there to help the Cylons of the Colonies evolve to the state that they knew, led by a woman named Ellen they worked together to create the “Skinjobs” that eventually would rule the Cylon Nation.

Tricia being a primary subject was allowed to live with Lucifer while he conducted his work, eventually bonding to each other as friends their relationship would be unprecedented for a machine and a human to ever have. The team had problems developing the final design of their newly developed human models. Lucifer wanting to do something special for his friend took Tricia DNA sequence and a memory scan creating the Number Six model for the Legion.

At the time the One’s weary of Ellen’s intentions plotted a hostile takeover capturing the entire team Tricia was gunned down when she killed a One while his back was turned.

There is more to her story but you will have to go to and read the continuing stories to get the rest.

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