U-87 Cyber Combat Unit is the first Centurion created by Man since the Kobol/Earth Centurion. See U-87


The U-87 Cyber Combat Unit was the progenitor of the Cylon race, created some 58 years before the fall of the Twelve Colonies by Daniel Graystone.

The U-87 was created by Daniel Graystone and his team of scientists at Graystone Industries in Caprica City, six years before the First Cylon War started. Commissioned by the Caprican government for the Caprica Military, the U-87 was intented to serve as the main infantry solider, capable of "shooting and fighting." The U-87 was designed to be a semi-sentient humanoid form.

Daniel Graystone's design for the U-87 chassis is base on his daughter, Zoe Graystone's drawing. Zoe base her drawing on a image in the Monotheist bible. The image is a drawing of the Kobol's Centurion.

After stealing the Meta-cognitive processor from Vergis Corporation and Tomas Vergis, the U-87 higher brain function cause it to be able to operated more independently than pervious before.


After the Battle of Atlas Arena, the U-87 went into mass production and was reclassify as the Centurion Model 001, with minor upgrade.


Images are created by CanisD.

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