Second Lieutenant Ursula 'Honey' Ryder is a character from Allen Knott's Battlestar Leonidas.


Ursula Ryder was born on Ostarsis, twenty - two years before Operation Homecoming into one of the most wealthest family of the twelve colonies. However six years before Operation Homecoming her family lost everything because of bad decision that her father make leaving Honey with almost nothing. Four years before Operation Homecoming and with no other choice she join the Colonial Military and was sent to Picon Fleet Academy graduation in only three and half years. Honey had came to love military life style much to her suprises. She is only 5'5" tall. She is only one of two people who survived the destrution of the Hades, along with Major Galore as she and Kitty is off ship.


Ursuala 'Honey' Ryder is base on the James Bond' character Honey Ryder and is Allen Knott's homage to Dr. No.

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