Vanessa Garrett
Venessa Garrett
Vital statistics
Aliases/Nicknames: Formerly "Reaper" when she flew Raptors
Birthplace: Caprica
Home Colony: Caprica
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Posting: Battlestar Orion
Position: Before Cylon War Executive Officer

Shortly after Cylon War Commander

Rank: Before Cylon War Colonel

Shortly after Cylon War Commander

Mother: Catherine Garrett (Deceased)
Father: Rear Admiral Lionel Garrett
Personal Weapons Systems
Primary Projectile Weapons: Standard Issue Colonial Military sidearm
Chronological & Political Information

Colonel/Commander Vanessa Garrett is a character from Battleground Colonies.

Vanessa Garrett was born in Caprica city and is the only child of Catherine and Rear Admiral Lionel Garrett. Her father was largely absent from her early childhood and she had a very close bond with her mother.

When she was ten years old her father took extended leave from his assignment and even to the young Vanessa it became clear that her parents didn't really get on very well. Her father was convinced that while he had been away his wife had been having affairs. He also became convinced that Vanessa wasn't actually his child and had been father by one of her mother's many affairs. The truth being her mother had always been faithful to her husband and Vanessa was his daughter. After a very heated argument her father stormed out.

The following day Vanessa couldn't find her mother. After she had been missing for several days her body was discovered. Her death was put down to suicide but it took an extensive autopsy to come to this conclusion.

After her mother's funeral her father went back to his assignment and this would be the last she would see of her father for several years. Vanessa went to live with her mother's parents.

At eighteen years old she decided to join the colonial fleet and trained to become a raptor pilot. Upon graduating third in her class she was assigned to the Battlestar Colombia. After three years on the Colombia she was promoted to CAG a position she served for a further year before moving to the Battlestar Pegasus as the ship's LSO.

For the next two years she served on Pegasus and gained a reputation through the ship for being a dependable officer. A few months before she transfered to Orion her father visited Pegasus and made several offhand comments about his daughter to Admiral Cain. Unknown to Vanessa, Cain who she always thought didn't like her fearcly defended her LSO and ordered Admiral Garrett off her ship.

When Garrett applied for the post as Executive Officer aboard Orion not only did Colonel Belzen write her a glowing recommendation so did Admiral Cain.

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