Viper Mark VIII

Viper Mark VIII

In the Battlestar Leonidas's Universe, the Viper Mark VIII (Sidewinder subclass) is the newer Colonial space superiority fighter. It is the main Viper (Sidewinder subclass) of the Battlestar Leonidas. It is also the first Viper to be FTL capable. Only five Battlestar have them at the time of the Cylon attack. All three type will appears in Battlestar Leonidas (Series) in future volume/chapter.

Viper Mark VIII Type OneEdit

The originial Viper Mark VIII Type One, while able to make short jumps because of it hyperdrive. It also has other improvements over the Viper Mark VII's, but was unliked both by pilot and the Colonial Fleet. It was quickly replace by an improved Viper Mark VIII "Marathon". Battlestar Fenris is the only Battlestar to carry them. It is able to carry and launch missiles.

Viper Mark VIII Type Two "Marathon" Edit

The Viper Mark VIII Type Two, or the Marathon as it known, replaced the originial Viper Mark VIII. The name Marathon comes from the Fenris Class Battlestar's name: Marathon, the first Battlestar to carry them. Less firepower and more acceptable to pilots with a greater jump range. This came at a cost however, the "Marathon" lost it's ability to carry and launch missiles.

Viper Mark VIII Type Three "Sidewinder"Edit

Viper Mark VIII Marathon

Viper Mark VIII Marathon

The Viper Mark VIII Type Three or "Sidewinder" was the next improvement of the Viper Mark VIII. It is more heavily armed than a normal Viper Mark VIII or the Viper Mark VIII Marathon but because of this it is slower. However the Sidewinder has the same jump range as the Marathon.

The Battlestars Spartan, Leonidas and Thermopylae all carry the Sidewinder.

It mounted a retractable belly turret which would swing to match the direction of wherever the pilot was looking for more precision shots, along with a standard autorailgun in the tail. It also able to carry missile, something that the "Marathon" lost.

Viper Mark VIII Sidewinder

Viper Mark VIII Sidewinder


Images is taking from Wolf Shipyard and was Created by CanisD.

The Marathon and Sidewinder's Images and some information are taking from deviantart and was created by Barricade.

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