Ship Sections
Deck No. Section Purpose
Command Intel Core (CIC) Command/Combat Bridge
Celestial Chamber

Main Astrometric HyperJump/QuantumJump Control Core

Central Weapons Core (CWC) Main Tactical Section
Tactical Strike Operations Center (TSOC) Also Known as the War Room or Strategy Center
Cylon/Computron Datastream Core Central Cylon Computer Command Core
Colonial Defense Mainframe (CDM) Command Ships Tactical Weapons/Fighter/Mech Command/Control Center
Integral Systems Engineering Core (ISE) Central Housing Section for Main Propulsion and Power Systems
Central Automated Fighter Production Core Maintenance/Production of ships Viper/Arial combat fighters and related Space combet reenforcement systems
Unicom Core Central Communications Interlink Core
All Civilian and main service decks Rapid Transport Tram (RTT) Ships Main Troop/Cargo Transit system
Central Life Station (CLS) Command Sickbay and Cylon Bio-Mechanical Repair
Central Bio-Robotics Institute (CBRI) Command/Main Cylon Bio-Mechanical Repair
Life Sciences Center (LCS) Central Astromedical Hospital Deck (Command and Civilian)
Rejuvenation Center Ships Recreation Center (Contains at least 4 Pyramid Courts as well as a central ball room)
Flight Section

Standard Edit

Quarters/Crew Living Units Edit

Special (Scientific/Exploratory Sections) Edit

  • Combat Sciences (Exploratory & Research) this fully military controlled section is to find and reverse engineer new weapons and defensive for the further advancement of Imperial Security.
  • Medical Sciences Research Core Central research division for finding treatments and possible cures for both the Empire and any outer colonies within the Cyrnus Galaxy.
  • Bio-Android Research Lab (BARL) Central Cylon and Metaphysics Research section (standard on most Athena class WarStars)

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