Warstar Galactica Ver 2.0

Warstar Galactica as launched just prior to the Fall of the Twelve Colonies

The Colonial Warstar Galactica was one of the last major shipbuilding projects completed prior to the Fall of the Twelve Colonies. Launched the day before the Cylon attack, the Galactica was performing an initial shakedown and systems testing.

As built, the Warstar Galactica was equipped with 72 Heavy Kinetic Energy Batteries (28 Octuple Barrel Turrets; 44 Dual Barrel Turrets; 312 Barrels Total), 344 Dual-Barrel Defense Turrets and 36 Variable Yield Tactical Nuclear Silos. As designed, the Galactica was to have a full wartime complement of 3740, the ability to transport a Marine Expeditionary Unit of up to 2536 and their organic equipment. Her operational airwing was to be a normal capacity of 300 Vipers divided into 15 squadrons of 20 each with a wartime complement of 400 Vipers divided into 20 squadrons of 20 each. In addition to her fighter complement, Galactica was designed to carry 75 Raptors under normal operational conditions with a wartime capacity of 100 Raptors. In addition provisions were in place for up to 30 Mk II Shuttles, and 30 Warthog or Thunderbird Dropships (expandable to 60 in place of Mk II Shuttles).

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