Warstar Hades (WST-102) appearance in Allen Knott's Battlestar Leonidas (Story) and appears in Volume One and Volume Two.

It is the second Poseidon Class Warstar to be completed. In Volume Two Chapter Five the Warstar Hades is destroyed by the Cylon with all but two of it 3000's crews.

Warstar Hades
Poseidon Class Warstar (A)
Class/Type: Poseidon Class Warstar
Registry Designation: (WST - ??)
Affiliation: Twelve Colonies of Kobol
Navy: Colonial Navy
Length: 2040.0m
Decks/Sections: at least five
Commissioned: at least forty days before Operation Homecoming
Decommissioned: None
Motto: Till the Gate of Hell
Years Active: at least forty days
Current Status: Destroyed
Crew Manifest
Crew Compliment: 3000
Commanding Officer (Captain): RADM Tim Edwards
Executive (1st) Officer: LTCOL Carlton Welford
2nd Officer: Major Kelly Hansen
Drive Systems
Offensive Systems
Defensive Systems

Pre - Volume OneEdit

Not much is known about the Hades before Volume One, other than at some point Commander Marisa Beretta was selected to command before being replace by Commmander Tim Edwards who was promoted to Rear Admiral.

Volume One: A Storm on the HorizonEdit

Chapter Three: Thirty - Five days before Operation Downfall/Homecoming; the Warstar Hades is under the command of Rear Admiral Timothy 'Tim' Edward and send on a patrol mission to The Erebus Belt and Malta Station to search for the Erebea.

Chapter Four: Thirty days before Operation Downfall/Homecoming; the Warstar Hades is taking supply on at Scorpia before is jumps to the northern part of The Erebus Belt. It also learn that the Hades really mission it to determined if a unknown contact could be a Cylon Basestar and the patrol mission for the Erebea is a cover story. It is join by the Destroyers: Daring, Berry, Dale, Hopkins, and Perry.

Volume Two: Opening VolleyEdit

Chapter One: Twenty days before Opeation Downfall/Homecoming; the Warstar Hades is on a patrol mission to The Erebus Belt, searching for the unknown contact.

Chapter Three: Fifteen days before Operation Downfall/Homecoming; while stilling patrol The Erebus Belt, Hades arrival at Malta Station. Edwards's meet with Malta Station's commanding officer Major Keene Barron.

Chapter Four: Twelve days before Operation Downfall/Homecoming; the Warstar Hades contiune to patrol The Erebus Belt. While Lt. Tina have a conversion with several pilots.

Chapter Five: Ten days before Operation Downfall/Homecoming; along with Malta Station, the Warstar Hades and it escorts are destroy by the Cylon to test the CNP.

Post - Volume TwoEdit

The Battlestar Fenris, is sent five days later to search for the Hades because Admiral Hasdrubal had being attempt to contact them. The Hades is the first Colonial ship destroyed by the Cylon during the Second Cylon War.


While, the Hades's have a crew of three thousand, only eleven are known. Only Major Mary 'Kitty' Galore and Second Lieutenant Ursula 'Honey' Ryder survived the destrution of the Hades, as they was off ships:

Rear Admiral Edwards: Commanding Officer

Lt Colonel Carlton Welford: EO

Major Kelly Hansen: 2nd Officer

Major Mary 'Kitty' Galore: CAW

Lt. Oskar Ruutu: COMO

Lt. Mark 'Happy' Golden: Viper Pilot

2nd Lt Ursula 'Honey' Ryder: Raptor Pilot

2nd Lt Alex 'Dodgers' Layaway: Raptor/Viper Pilot

Ensign Mark Redman: Tactical Officer

Ensign Teddy Macadam: COMO

Ensign Harry 'History Book' Bachman: Viper pilot


Images is taking from Wolf Shipyard Forum and was created by Michael Seaman-Huynh (Kamikazi).

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