Warstar Poseidon (WST - 101), it is the first completed Warstar of the Poseidon Class Warstar.
Warstar Poseidon
Poseidon Class Warstar (A)
Class/Type: Poseidon Class Warstar
Registry Designation: (WST - ??)
Affiliation: Twelve Colonies of Kobol
Navy: Colonial Navy
Length: 2040.0m
Commissioned: at least forty days before Operation Homecoming
Years Active: at least forty days before Operation Homecoming
Current Status: Destroyed
Crew Manifest
Crew Compliment: 3000
Drive Systems
Offensive Systems
Defensive Systems


Very little is currently known about the Poseidon's history other than their is also a Battlestar name Poseidon. It did enter service some time before the fall.


Images is taking from Wolf Shipyard Forum and was created by Michael Seaman-Huynh (Kamikazi).

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