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The Wayward Archive, is a series of omakes, shorts, and some minor snippets that are based in the world of the Wayward Family Series. These small stories shall explore much of the Wayward Family world outside of the main stories, and will expand it further then what is read in the stories themselves. They may explore a single person's place in the wider story, or explore something mentioned in the story but not shown all that much. Whatever the content the stories of the Wayward Archive fully explore the world provided in the words of the Wayward Family Series of Fanfiction....

Current Stories in the ArchiveEdit

File 01 - The Legend ReturnsEdit

The first story featured in the Archive and starts the exploration on what happened with the Pegasus and Admiral Cain before the two Fleets reunited before the start of Lucky Miracle. Introduces the character of Gerald "Kronos" Cain father to Admiral Helena "Sheba" Cain, commander of the Pegasus.

Planned Archive StoriesEdit

  • The Cain Rebellion - From the Heavens

Basically continuing on where File 01 left off and how the now reunited Cain family starts its own way against the Cylons in the Colonies, and the rescue of the Survivors on Aquaria. This is the first story in the Cain Rebellion Story Arc for the Archive.

  • The Cain Rebellion - The Viper Slash

The next story in the Cain Rebellion Arc, and shows the continuing guerrilla war against Cylons. Features the titled Viper Slash, a tactic that ends up winning a key battle and destroys a Cylon Basestar.

  • The Cain Rebellion - From the Shadows

The last story in the Cain Rebellion Arc, and shows the last days of the Guerrilla War along with the decision to leave the colonies behind finally. Basically shows the reason why the Pegasus Fleet is leaving the Colonies.


  • Wayward Archive Original Soundtrack
  • Wayward Archive Glossary of Terms and Places

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